Glassine Surfer Stamp Guide

Here's our list of features about stamps found throughout the site.

Stamp Collecting Techniques, Tips and Hints
Build Your Own Stamp Sweat Box - Sometimes soaking isn't the solution to remove a hinge remnant or to separate mint stamps. Sometimes the answer is a sweat box, a simple airtight container that gently puts humidity to work.

How can I make my own first day covers and cachets - First Day cover collecting is a very popular part of stamp collecting, and anyone can make their own first day covers.

How to Use Stamp Hinges - Stamp hinges are the cheapest, easiest and most popular method to hold stamps in place on album pages. Here's how to use stamp hinges correctly and avoid damaging your stamps.

Soaking Self-adhesive Stamps - Soaking and Collecting Self-Adhesive Stamps. Self-adhesive stamps are here to stay, and sometimes it seems as if they are truly stuck there forever.

Soaking Stamps - Soaking stamps is a philatelic folk art, and the first rule is do no harm. Here's how to soak stamps safely.

Stamp Collecting for Beginners - The basic rule of stamp collecting is to enjoy what you're collecting and take good care of your stamps. Other than that, you can collect whatever stamps you like and display them in whatever way you like.